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Sunday, 13 October 2013

'Things not working out according to our plans' are not necessarily 'things going wrong'

We have recently put our house up for sale.  My husband has wanted to return to his home town which is about forty miles away, the town we left nearly four years ago to come here.  I thought he was wanting to return to 'memories' as where we are here in West Wales is much more isolated than where we lived in South Wales.   He thought it would be a good idea if we went to view some houses there within our price range,  so on one day we went to view three houses and on another day we viewed four.   Each time he came away disappointed. 

Often we can think that just because things do not go according to our plans or timing that things are going wrong, but I do not believe that is necessarily the case.   In fact things have not gone to plan for my husband and myself the whole week, at least not according to the plans that our carnal minds had laid out, and I believe even this fact has emphasized to me what the Lord is showing me.  If we think that the plans that have been formed in our minds are what should have come to pass, then we will experience only frustration and stress because things have not happened that way.  Whereas if we wait on the Lord for His direction and obey His commands to us then we experience peace, knowing that we are doing His will and being obedient.   In John ch. 14 v.15 Jesus says to His disciples 'If you love me, keep my commands'.

For quite some time now I have believed that the Lord has confirmed to me that He will completely heal me from things that have been in my body for over twenty years, and I still believe it.  Just because it has not happened immediately after I believe I was told, it does not mean it is not going to happen.  In fact one of the scriptures that the Lord gave to me when telling me He was going to heal me was 'I waited patiently for the Lord'.   I believe there is a reason for everything 'and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.' Romans ch.8 v.28 One of my blogger friends wrote in one of her comments, to encourage me in my trial, the scripture 'But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.' Isaiah ch. 40 v..31. 

I also believe that sharing testimony of what the Lord is doing can be encouraging to others who might be going through similar situations.  One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is 'long-suffering' and how can that fruit possibly be produced without hard trials?   Psalm 139 v. 16 says that ' Every day of my life was written in His book before even one of them was formed', and so I know that my times are in His hands and if the Lord has called me to do something that appears to be against the norm of this world, then no matter how the worldly wisdom of the carnal mind will fight against it, I should not worry, because 1 Peter ch. 5 v.7 says for me to 'cast all my cares upon Him because He cares for me.'

The Lord encouraged me some years ago, through a song that I wrote called ' On Hallowed Wing', not to worry about what He will call me to do.  He encouraged me to only obey Him and trust in Him.

On Hallowed Wing

When eagles fly on hallowed wing
to far and distant lands
they are not guided by man's voice
nor lifted by man's hands
They let no deluge hamper them
nor fear the driving snow
for all that would but trouble them
are in the clouds below

On hallowed wing the eagle flies 
its destiny to fulfil
and I must go where the Spirit leads
to do my Saviour's will

So when you do your Father's work
if child of God you be
look to the eagle lifted high
by God's grace given free
Then you will also face life's trials
and surely come to know
that strength will come from God above
and fear stay far below

On hallowed wing, on hallowed wing
the eagle's lifted high
He goes where others fear to tread
and likewise so must I

It is said of Jesus in  Hebrews ch. 5 v.8 'though He was without sin He learned obedience through the things He suffered.'  Matthew ch.26 v.. 39 says that Jesus said  'O my Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will', and though I will never need to suffer the way He suffered, in order to learn obedience I too say ' Lord, not as I will, but as You will.'  The eagle is a bird that flies far above the clouds, in a place where only the sun is shining.  So too, in Jesus, we can rise above the dark clouds that will come into our lives when we keep our eyes fixed upon the true light of this world, the Son of God - our Lord Jesus.

sun and clouds


Aritha said...

Thank you Brenda, for this open ( frank) and encouraging blog. We live under Jesus blessed hands. He will guide us to death, and then we'll see our King in His beauty. Keep courage. He is faithful and will do what He've promised. Sometimes not as we think: His thoughts are so much higher than ours. Let's follow Him, where he will bring us.


Ceil said...

Hi Brenda! This is one of the most beautiful posts I have read lately. Such a tribute to God's timing.

I loved that part about the gift of the Spirit being 'long suffering.' I feel like that has been me for several years now, and I struggled to see it as a blessing. Now you have given me reason to think that way. What a gift for me. Thank you!

Sunday blessings :)

Reformed rebel said...

This is a very encouraging post Brenda. I always love what you write because it is with much openness and honesty.

Blessings to you

Frank E. Blasi said...

Dear Brenda,
Moving house can be a very stressfull experience. I know, we have been through this a couple of times within the last twelve years.
But you are right about those who have faith soaring like eagles, reaching above the clouds in faith.
I wish you success in your search for your ideal home, as God is already there waiting to give you the signal to move in.
God bless.

Maleeka said...

Hi Brenda,

I hope that God continues to move in your situation concerning your health, your move, and your family.Also, I hope that we can sample an audio of your songs. The text is beautiful and I bet the song is just as beautiful. God bless you richly spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally.

Brenda said...

Hi Jedidja,
I agree with everything you have said and know, as I know you do, that we are safe in His hands no matter what trials we face. These trials only make us stronger, take away fear and bring us closer to Him.
God bless

Brenda said...

Hi Ceil,
thank you for your kind words. I am so glad that you were comforted by 'long-suffering' actually being a blessing. God's love for us is almost unfathomable to me and I know that without His word to me and that love I could not get through my trials because I would be concentrating on my weakness instead of His strength.
God bless you

Brenda said...

Hello Chelle,
lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comment. I have left many comments on your blog 'Until we see Jesus face to face' but they don't seem to be coming up, I may be doing something wrong. I have tried re entering you in my blog list in case there was a fault there, but it still appears to be the same.
God bless

Brenda said...

Hello Frank,
yes, we too have moved many times and I have always believed that if God intends us to move then He will do it in His time. I am glad that this time my husband seems to be more content to wait now and I believe that God is helping him to do this. Thank you for your encouraging comment. Blessings to Alex.
God bless

Brenda said...

Hi Maleeka,
thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes for me and my family. I am glad you like the song. I have made a recording on an old tape of some of my songs as part of my testimony, but other than that I have only sung them out in congregations, out in the streets or in my home. I only play about eight cords on my guitar but it has always been enough to accompany the songs I have written. I am not sure how I would put them on the blog.
God bless you

Just Be Real said...

Hey Brenda, I am learning not to put Jesus in a box any more. Not always sucessful. Thank you for sharing dear.

child of God said...

Hi Brenda,
How true that Father's timing is not our timing! It can be so hard to wait for Him to make His move yet during the waiting there is just so much learning to be had.

Praying you and your husband find the perfect home in the location that Father wants you in.

Love your poem Brenda. Eagles are my favourite bird. They are so elegant yet powerful and to me I am always reminded of God and How He is always watching over and protecting us.


Brenda said...

Hi Grace,
You sound like you are doing really well. As for the 'not always successful' bit - join the club, but we will get there 'with a little help from our friends' as they say eh?

Brenda said...

Hi child of God,
thank you for your prayers, if we are meant to move we will. Jesus says in Him we have peace, so if we have a peace about the move (if and when it comes about) then I will know the Lord is in it. I have always loved birds of prey, they are beautiful, and yes God is always watching over us.
God bless

Laurie Collett said...

Beautiful post & poem! Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Isaiah 40 is one of the passages my husband and I keep seeking inspiration from for our dance ministry.
Much love to you, and God bless,

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Brenda,
I went and checked my comments and I see some form you but not many. I don't know what may be wrong. Keep commenting because I do get them in my e-mail even if they don't show on my blog. I appreciate every one that you leave and enjoy them. Thanks for being one of my online sisters in Christ.
Blessings Chelle

Brenda said...

Hi Laurie,
Thank you for your kind comment. I can never get over how the scriptures are so inspiring, they are God's voice to His children. Your dance ministry with your husband sounds lovely.
God bless you

Brenda said...

Hi Chelle,
yes I think I have commented on all of your posts, but I didn't want you to think that I was not leaving a comment on them. I think it is since you changed it, I may be doing something wrong as only one of your blogs come up on my screen.
God bless

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Brenda,
Love what you wrote here. Patience is a hard thing to learn, yet so important as it will make our faith in Jesus perfect.
We too (me and hubby) are still debating whether or not a move is eminent. Perhaps our restless spirits come from wanting to make that final move to our real home with Jesus in the air where we will experience complete healing?
This is how I feel more and more especially as of late.
Blessings and love, dear sister.

Pamela said...

It's a hard thing, this waiting on the Lord. In my life, I found joy in what the Lord has planned for me--and have acknowledged His way is always best.

Brenda said...

Hi Lisa,
I love the outcome of learning patience ( not that I have got there completely yet }, and I also think that although I have enjoyed all the places that the Lord has taken us too, and learned something in each place that has helped me to submit more to the Lord, there will never be any place that fills me with the joy that the thought of our final resting place does.
God bless you and your family.

Brenda said...

Hi Panmela,
you are so right in saying the Lord's way is best. His plans are for our welfare and not to do us harm, so we can rest in Him.
God bless

S. Knowles said...

Thanks for such a wondeful and encouraging post Brenda. And that poem was beautiful. I hope you and your husband find a nice place. God bless you Brenda.

Brenda said...

Hi Sateigdra,
hope you are ok. Thank you for your kind comment. It has always been so strange how everything seems to work together in life and, looking back, I can see there was no need to ever worry about anything in the first place. I believe that we are just meant to trust God, not worry about tomorrow and, if we love Him and follow His ways, then not worry too much about what we call circumstance. Hope you put another post on your blog soon, I enjoy reading them.
God bless you Sateigdra

Laurie Collett said...

Hi Brenda,
That is so true, that the Scriptures are God's voice to His children. May we always open the ears of our heart to listen to that voice and follow Him.
Love in Him,

Brenda said...

Hi Laurie,
our greatest enemy can be the carnal mind. It is always reasoning and pressing us to follow worldly wisdom. May we put on the whole armour of God in those times.
God bless you Laurie


Amen... 1Peter 3: 17 For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. 18 For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.

True, sometimes we suffer pain, not because you have done something wrong, but because we have done something right. Thanks ma'am

Brenda said...

Hello Brave African,
thank you very much for your encouraging comment. I believe we think much the same. God bless you

Just Be Real said...

Hugs again to you Brenda.

Brenda said...

Hi Grace,
hope you are well, nice to hear from you.

Aritha said...

Brenda, how are you, in your area? Suffered from the storm? Now the storms comes over the Netherlands.

I feel small upon so many force of nature.

God bless you.

Brenda said...

Hi Jedidja,
We are fine here thank you. We had no storm in our area here in Wales, thank the Lord. I hope you have peace and calm there too.
We are small, yes, compared to nature, but our God is in control of everything.

God bless you

Laurie Collett said...

Amen, Brenda! If we remember to put on the whole armor of God, before we even get out of bed in the morning, that is our best defense against the flesh, the world, and the devil. Thanks as always for your beautiful and uplifting writing, & God bless,