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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

This is my body broken for you

This morning I had to come into town, and I thought I would see if the library had a computer available to use (I am not on the internet at home yet and it is free to use in the library to the public ).  I thought of putting something on my blog and, as my home computer has broken down, looked amongst my paper writings for something to share.  I picked up the following writing which I had done some time ago and it made me cry.  I just feel I want to share my experience.
I had a project to write on the subject of the Lord's body, broken for us, for a writers' circle that I attended at the time, my thoughts were dwelling on how Jesus had rescued us from God's wrath.  I was trying to liken the rescue to a human situation.  Pictures formed in my mind of being pushed out of the way of a hurtling bullet, as a soldier took it's full force.  I tried to imagine how it would feel to be that soldier, dying for another person who did not even know him.  As I was thinking these things I felt to open my Bible and read about the crucifixion.  I opened to where the old testament ends and the new testament begins.  The full force of the Lord's sacrifice manifested itself in those two pages facing me.  HE WAS STANDING IN THE GAP.  It was almost as if I could see His body on the cross, arms outstretched, etched on the paper as I realized the magnitude of the crucifixion's purpose.  Thes was not an act of saving one or even many human beings from an early death, allowing them to live a few more years on this earth.  This was an act which would make it possible for the whole of mankind to exist beyond carnal death into eternity, under the most wonderful conditions imaginable.  Jesus was taking all the punishment that unholy mankind, past, present and future, was due from Holy God, and thereby opening up a way of reconciliation between created and creator.  He felt the full consequence of man's disobedience to God, even to the point of feeling totally forsaken by His Father.  Though He was the only person who had lived on this earth who had committed no sin, all those who had would be pardoned by His actions that awsome day.  There wouold be nothing required of man in order to have this eternal state of joy except to trust in the One who had aquired it for him.
As I looked at the two pages in front of me, separating the old covenant from the new covenant, I had a deep revelation of my part in the arrangement, and of how seriously I should be taking the fact that Jesus is the only mediator between myself and God, the only One who is able to save my soul from eternal damnation.  1 Corinthians ch.l11 vs 27-32 tells us to examine ourselves before we eat and drink of the Lord's communion, making sure that we have judged ourselves rightly, that we can actually become weak, sickly and even die as a result of eating and drinking without discerning the body and blood of the Lord . Spiritually speaking it is the word of God itself that is the Lord's body, because Jesus is the word of God, so if we allow that word to judge us, and by acting on that word allow it to cleanse us of unrighteousness, then we shall not be condemned along with the world.
Our God is a wonderful, loving, long suffering Father who, through fJesus, who is the Holy Spirit, will reveal and convince us of truths in His word that will, when activated in our lives, produce a righteousness in us that will secure for us eternal life.
Jesus says in Revelation ch.1 v.18 that He is alive for evermore and has the keys of Death and Hell.

Blind World

My life was just like His life, yet different in a way
My deeds were carried out at night - His...... in the light of day
People persecuted me, I tried their hearts to win
I deserved the wretchedness, yet this man had no sin
I wandered in the wilderness - the Devil tempted me
He said ' If you just worship me I'll give you all you see'
But I could see that worldly things did not bring happiness
For men surrounded by their wealth were crying in distress
And then I looked to Jesus and said 'What is it here
That shines above all riches and takes away the fear?'
He answered me and said 'Child, I died at Calvary
But that was for a purpose - to set all mankind free
And what the world has failed to see, blinded in their strife
Is that my Father raised me up..... to everlasting life.'

' The Lord has taken away your judgments, He has cast out your enemy: the king of Israel, even the Lord, is in the midst of you: you shall not see evil any more.'
                                                                                                          Zephaniah ch.3 v.15

Forever grateful Father

Forever grateful Father that You gave Your precious Son
Who, knowing His awesome destiny, said 'Not my will but Your will be done'
Yet it pleased You to bruise Him Father so that I might have peace and be healed
For through this one act of sacrifice was Your gift of salvation revealed

Forever remembering Jesus that You hung upon that tree
Taking the pain and punishment that was meant for a sinner like me
Yet You chose not to open Your mouth Lord and call on the Heavenly host
To come to Your aid on that lonely day, no You suffered and gave up the ghost

Forever Yours Holy Spirit while You teach me and make all things clear
Chastising me when I go astray and wiping away each tear
Oh Father I love and respect You, and Jesus I want to obey
So guide me great Spirit and keep me 'til my Lord returns for me one day

A thought that I have

There's a thought that I have in my heart Lord
A desire above all that I seek
It's to serve you according to Your will
Yet I know in this world I am weak
But although in myself there is weakness
I know You are the One who is strong
So teach me Your ways and Your will Lord
That I might serve You all day long

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