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Thursday, 4 May 2017

The prodigal returns

This morning I awoke to find myself singing in my mind two songs I wrote some time ago, so I thought I would put them up as a post.
I'm on a cloud

I'm on a cloud above the world
a cauldron boils below
I see beneath me on God's earth
a tale of dread and woe
of how so very long ago
a man was formed from clay
and given life from God above 
but sin led him astray
- sin led him astray

He questioned what the Father said
and lost eternal life
so now he struggles in this world
in self-destructive strife
-in self-destructive strife

He tries to shape his future by the power of his own hand
his cry 'I'm my own master' - it echoes through the land
but while this proud confession is still upon his breath
the worldly life for which he strives has now become a death
-has now become a death

He stumbles in the darkness - his eyes have gone quite blind
'What have I done?' he questions - 'I've lost my peace of mind
-I've lost my peace of mind'

But wait! I look towards the east - a ray of hope I see
a second Adam sent to earth to set all mankind free
Put down your heavy burdens - this Saviour comes with love
come drink the waters of new life - sent down from God above
sent down from God above
He brings salvation to the world 
 your sins have all been pardoned
come learn of Him the Father's ways
don't let your hearts be hardened
-don't let your hearts be hardened

'Peter said to them, “Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.'  Acts ch 2 v. 38

The prodigal returns
Lord I’m lost in the darkness         
lost alone and forlorn
my garments are tattered and filthy
my sandals are battered and worn 
Lost, I’m injured and frightened
with wounds all open and sore
the life that I thought I had wanted
has left me rejected and poor

Lord I’m sorry I hurt You
now pain is the path that I roam
discovered when I chose to desert You
Father I want to come home 
Now as I lay on my pillow
my slumber is broken by fears
my shelter is the ash and the willow
my friends are repentance and tears 

Father I’ll never deserve You
You love me in spite of my shame
I run to You now longing to serve You
proud to be wearing Your name
Yes I run to You now longing to serve You
I’m so proud to be wearing Your name