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Friday, 17 August 2018

Three aspects of love

Recently the word 'love' has come up in a blogger friend's post.  The strange thing is that for days I have been singing the song  'A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you'.
I have several of my poems and pics in my workroom that speak of love so I thought I would put three of them in this post.  One of them I may have put in a blog post a while back, I am not sure. They speak of different aspects of love.
The first one is a love that a person would feel for a person they desire to spend their lives with, put in a romantic way.
If I could take a blackbird's song and threads of golden twine   
and lily pads of palest green from ponds like sparkling wine
with fragrant herb and meadow grass and drops of morning dew
I'd make a pillow soft and fair and lie and dream with you
We'd dream of walking on a path of wonder and delight
midst fragrant rose and hyacinth where there would be no night
We'd bathe in crystal rivers 'twixt banks of luscious green
see dragon flies with whisper wings of colours never seen
We'd roam on hills of heather, no shoes upon our feet
and time would never matter would be so sweet
I'd send my gift on swallows' wings, no words would need be said
For all the love I have for you would lie beneath your head
The second one is a love that I have received from my husband all our married life, a kindness that automatically causes someone to do something for someone they love ( put in a humorous way:-) )  This was a poem that I put in an anniversary card I sent to him.


I'd like to send you special thanks for all you've done for me
and to wish you on our special day 'Happy anniversary'
But there's just one thing I'll ask of you before you settle down
Would you fix the carburettor so that I can drive to town?
and find a lead to trail behind to combat all that static
and when you've finished with the car put floorboards in the attic
And if you think these jobs are small, to do them you are able
would you go into our bedroom and mend my dressing table
Please don't think I'm nagging you or taking you for granted
I know you've laid the patio but the lavender's not planted
But after all is said and done I think that I'm quite blessed
to have a husband good and kind when you've just got a PEST !!!

The third poem is about a love that is above and beyond all that my heart could desire.  It is the love of God that I encountered when I became born again of God's Spirit through believing in His Son Jesus and being baptized.  I had to learn, and am continuing to learn, God's ways through the teaching of the Holy Spirit,  and know that His thoughts and ways are far above my carnal ways and thoughts.

YOUR LOVE IS .......
Your love is a power, a life giving line
that stretches from Heaven to this heart of mine
giving life to a soul that once was dead
lifting hands that hung down as if weighted with lead
and causing a tongue that sang only of fear
to sing a new song to all who will hear
Now this heart responds to Your love that heals pain
like a rose that unfolds to the gentle rain
My soul awakens and leaves the grave
reborn by Your Word that came to save
With hands lifted high, all heaviness gone
I honour my Saviour the Holy One
My tongue praises God for His two edged sword
and the song that I sing says .....
'Jesus is Lord'

'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends, you are my friends if you do whatsoever I command you'   John ch. 15 v.13

 I continue to say .....