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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Born to bring life

This post contains my celebrating Jesus Christ's birth through some poems I wrote long ago.


Come all who are heavy laden
come now and behold your King
come all who are sad and lonely
it's time to rejoice and sing

Come all who are weak and weary
lift up your heads and see
come all who are bound in fetters
this Saviour can set you free

This Jesus Who once was rejected
must now be received by all
for the Father has granted eternal life
to those who will answer His call

He comes to give life in abundance
a bearer of burdens is He
He's been born in a world of rejection and strife
He's been born to bring pardon - born to bring life


You wasn't born in a mansion
You didn't come as a king
You left Your throne in the Heavens my Lord
Jesus..... You gave up everything
born in a manger, in a cradle of straw
for me Lord You made Yourself poor

You didn't walk with the wealthy
You sought neither fortune nor fame
You ate and drank with the sinners my Lord
spent time with the blind and the lame
riches and honour were what You deserved
but Jesus... You came and You served

You didn't die in comfort
there on that hill far away
broken and bleeding, rejected and in pain
You said 'Father, forgive them I pray'
slain for a world filled with hatred and strife
for me Lord You gave Your own life

I thank You Lord Jesus for being born into this sinful world in order to pay the price for all to be reconciled back to the Father and have access to eternal life.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

My Testimony

I just feel to re post my testimony to glorify my Saviour Jesus Christ.  

Many years ago I had recorded onto a cassette some poems and songs that I had written.  They related part of my testimony.  While I was living down in West Wales an elder of a church I was attending put them on an mp3 disc for me.  As I know very little about this kind of technology I have just been to the library to ask if anyone can link this disc to my blog.  A young lady there has done her best regarding this, and so I am going to see if this link has worked - the young lady was not sure if it would.  Most of these songs and poems I may have already put up, and I am definitely no  'singer', and only learned a few chords on my guitar to be able to play the tunes that came into my head at the time of writing the songs.
However - one thing I learned at that time of learning from the Lord was  that as we are taught by God through His precious Word, and go through our trials trusting in Him, we are able to get stronger spiritually.  My journey is still on-going, I am forever learning, and I will not know whether this link will work until I publish this post.  If it doesn't work, then I will have lost nothing through trying.:-)
To listen to my testimony  press the link below.

Testimony by Brenda Rees - Soundcloud