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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Communication with God

This is a post that I put on my blog two years ago, and I just felt that I would like to share it again as my blog was very new then and some of you may not have read my testimony on this issue.

My friend and I felt that we had been neglecting our evangelism in the streets.  We have put poetry together with scripture in the form of leaflets to hand out to people and sometimes I take my guitar and we sing songs that we believe the Lord has brought us to write.  We decided that we would go on the Friday of that week into the town centre, and also take the guitar.  By the time Thursday had arrived I was feeling apprehensive about taking the guitar out with us and singing, partly because I was just getting over a cold, and partly because I hadn't sung in the street for a while.  So I prayed to the Lord and asked Him to show me whether I should take the guitar with me or not.  I was quite happy just to give out the leaflets.
That night I had a dream that I was given a sheet of paper.  At first glance the piece of paper appeared to be blank.  Then, as I tilted it, the light seemed to catch it and reveal a hidden message, almost as if there was another layer, beneath the top blank sheet, that could only be revealed when the light caught it a certain way.  I could barely make out what it said, but the harder I looked the clearer the message became.  It was simply the number 147.
The next morning I forgot all about having the dream, until I was seeking th Lord again about whether I should take my guitar out and sing that afternoon.  I had my Bible in front of me and suddenly the dream returned to my mind.  I felt led to read Psalm 147.  The first line said to sing praises, for a song of praise is seemly.  Verse seven also spoke about singing with a musical instrument.  Verse eleven says that the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him.  I decided that I was being told by the Lord to take the guitar and sing.  When I reached my friends house, she said she had also been reading Psalm 147 and believed we were were to sing as well as handing out the leaflets.  This we did and had a very good response from people on the street.
The next day I was working on my computer with an image manipulation package in which I can work with layers, a facility which gives me the ability to use several layers to build up a picture.  It enables me to totally block out a layer beneath the active layer without losing the information on that lower layer, it is simply obscured from my view.  What I see on my computer screen depends on which layer I choose to place on top as the active layer.  That same morning the postman had brought a letter from my bank which told me that there was a new way of getting help other than from the help desk at my branch.  There was a phone number to ring and if I peeled back a slip on a blank sheet of paper that was in the envelope, my code number, which I must use when I call, would be revealed.  As I peeled back the slip of paper my mind was cast back to my dream, and I realized that God was showing me something.
The blank sheet in my dream represented my carnal mind which was not really knowing what to do concerning the singing.  The other layer which appeared when the sheet of paper was tilted in the light was the enlightened word of the Holy Spirit directing me to the rhema word of God spoken to me in Psalm 147.
This incident showed me the importance of seeking God's will not only for direction as to what the Lord has called me to do, but also for seeking His word for guidance as to how my way of thinking must change according to His word spoken to me.  As with the layers facility on my computer program, the carnal mind has the ability to blank out the spiritual mind of Christ if I do not stay in communication with the Lord.  Just like the layers facility on my computer, what I see depends on which mind I keep active.  Also, the personal code number that I must use to get help from my bank represented the enlightened word of God being revealed to me, in my own life and ministry, through prayer.

After I finished writing this article I picked up one of my Christian daily devotional booklets to see what the day's reading was and this is what it said.  'God revealed Himself to Samuel through His word.'


TheBeautyEagle said...

I always feel impatient and sometimes refuse to ask for Gods will, but i see that he answers even concerning little matters.To me it's a pointer that God speaks to his children. All i have to do is stop looking at the areas i want him to speak about and be open minded
The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

Ceil said...

Hi Brenda! Isn't God so amazing...he knows exactly what will catch our 'eye'. And I know this has happened to you before. You have powerful dreams my friend!

Staying open to God's words and messages is a gift developed over time. You have been working on it so long that it comes to you in many ways. And you see so many of them. What a blessing!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony,

Brenda said...

Hi Ugomma,
nice to meet you. I think if God speaks to us through His word, then we are convinced and convicted if we know that word is for us. He knows the way we take and the Holy Spirit will truly teach us and comfort us in areas where we need teaching and comfort. We can not change ourselves but God can if we allow Him to.

Brenda said...

Hi Ceil,
God truly is amazing and knows, as you say, exactly how to catch our eye. My friend who comes out in the street with me has many amazing dreams too. It does take time to learn from God, but I think the main thing that can hinder is man made doctrine. I have always thought ever since I have been born again 'Tune in to radio Jesus'. Thank you Ceil for your encouraging words and God bless you in your ministry.

child of God said...

Hi Brenda,
What a wonderful way to share the Gospel, having worship music! People are attracted to music, it kind of calms them and draws them in. I wish I could play the guitar and sing, it is such a ministry.

Brenda said...

Hi coG,
we haven't taken the guitar out and sang for a while now as I go to meet my friend on the bus instead of in the car, but we loved it. We just take the leaflets with scripture and poetry but also get a good response with those, and enjoy the day.
God bless

Keith said...
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Keith said...

Hi Brenda,

I agree that sometimes our carnality gets in the way. I remember a Rabbi once said that he had wished that God had given us a reveal key as in a word processing program in order to see what was going on behind the scenes.

In fact, God has given us a reveal key, his Holy Spirit.

God definitely works in amazing ways.


Brenda said...

Hi Keith,
nice to see you. Amen to what you have said about God giving us a reveal key, the Holy Spirit, and I truly believe that we should encourage one another to use that key. I love the Jewish language as I love the Welsh language. My grandfather on my mother's side was Jewish. There is a Welsh word 'dysgu', which means to both learn and to teach and is pronounced 'dusgee', and that is how I believe we are meant to be in the church as we mature.

Heddwch (Welsh for 'peace', and pronounced 'hethuwc-h').

Pamela said...

I believe God uses music so often to open the hearts of people. What a blessing God is able to use you in this way. I'm thinkful you reposted this!

Brenda said...

Hi Pamela,
yes it is true that God uses music as well as other things to open the hearts of people. We have found this in our experiences.
God bless

Laurie Collett said...

Beautiful, Brenda! I love not only how God spoke to you in this dream, but how you so readily interpreted it. It is my experience also to find rationalizations to not step out of our comfort zone when serving Him, and to let fear get the better of us. But His perfect love casts out fear, and if we rely solely on Him, He can use us to accomplish His will.
God bless,

Brenda said...

Thank you Laurie for your lovely comment. I love the way the Lord speaks in various ways too, He knows how we will hear His voice. I loved the way that the scripture the Lord used with you was on the wall when you stepped into the new church that He led you to.
God bless you Laurie

Patrinas Pencil said...

Brenda dear...I remembered that you went and ministered like this with your guitar and the leaflets...but I hadn't heard this example of the computer graphics layering. I love computer graphic software and thus I fully understood what you were saying. Very revealing example.

I like 'no'doubts' comment about the Holy Spirit being our reveal KEY! right he is!

Thanks for sharing, Brenda
I always love hearing your teaching stories.

patrina <")>><

Brenda said...

Hi Patrina,
My friend and I have had numerous happenings like this before we have been led outside to evangelize. I love computer graphic software too but have not had the time to spend using them that much since I have been concentrating more on my writing. 'No doubts' comment was excellent and 'spot on' wasn't it. Thank you for visiting Patrina, and big hugs to you my friend.

Stephanie said...

Music truly is a way to reach many people. For me, I love the old hymns and hat always grab me!

May the Lord use you in a mighty way as you share His precious Word...and thank you for the reminder for myself. Your posts always encourage and teach :)

Many hugs to you!

Brenda said...

Hi Stephanie,
thank you for your encouraging words. I think one of my favourite hymns is 'How great Thou art'. It always makes me cry when I sing it. Your post on your blog was stunning and the photography is very good.
God bless you and hugs to you.

Laurie Collett said...

Thanks, Brenda, for your sweet reply! A visiting pastor who founded our old church came to our new church today, and we were sharing with him how we came to this church and showing him the banner on the back wall with the text of Acts 1:8! May God bless you for hearing His voice and sharing your insights and lovely writing with us.

Brenda said...

Hi Laurie,
isn't that lovely how you read my reply today containing your experience and it tied in with you sharing the same experience with your visiting pastor. I just love the way the Lord knits things together and gives us signs when He wants us to do something. Thank you for your kind comment.

S. Knowles said...

Thanks for sharing this Brenda. I'm currently going through a similar situation wondering what to do. Sometimes I'm not 100% certain I'm going about certain things the right way. I pray to God to help me do His will. There are some moments I'm so certain I'm on the right track, then there are moments where I don't know. All I know is that all the decisions I make are the correct one.

S. Knowles said...

I meant to say that all i want to know is that the decisions i make are the correct ones in God's sight.

Brenda said...

Hi Sateigdra,
I believe it is just all part of learning, sometimes one step back and two steps forward and sometimes two steps back and one step forward. The main thing is that we look to Him for direction. The mistakes we all make are part of our learning and I find they make me want to know His ways more than ever.
God bless

Patrinas Pencil said...

Just stopping by to say you are missed and that I think of you often and am praying for you as the Lord leads.

blessings to you dear friend
Patrina <")>><

Brenda said...

Hi Patrina,
lovely to hear from you, and thank you for your kind words and your prayers. At the moment I only spend a short time checking on my blog each day in case someone comments on something, but I am already writing experiences that I may share as posts on my blog in the future. I really miss the interaction with other bloggers and must spend a bit more time one day catching up on reading new posts, and older ones too in order to keep in touch. At the moment I feel I really have to sort all my years of writings of my experiences and put them together on my computer, and take some photos to post on my blog one day with a camera that my daughter in law has given to me that I haven't learnt to use yes. It is lovely to hear from you and God bless you my friend.