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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Am I being used?

For the last three months, since we have moved to this house, I have been attending a church a few miles away.  I would like to share some things that have been happening while I have been going there. I have written it all down and it will probably be done in three posts and, as the situation is still on-going - and as 'I know not what tomorrow brings' - it could be more than three.

Saturday, 2nd January 2016

I went to Emmaus charity shop,  saw a bottle of olive oil on a shelf, thought 'strange'.  That night I was in much pain and could not sleep.  I always ask the Lord for help.  Suddenly in the middle of the night all pain disappeared.  It was completely strange, as I have been in this 'Job' situation (with pain in my legs and joints for well over a year), yet with a promise of complete healing for a situation I have been in for over twenty odd years being given to me by the Lord when this started.  I turned back and forth in the bed with no pain at all and knew it could only be a supernatural situation brought forth by the Lord.  The bottle of oil came into my mind and I felt some kind of connection.  I said to the Lord, inspired by a scripture which came into my mind.  'Give Your beloved sleep', and went straight off to sleep.  I then had a dream in which I saw two dead fish.  Suddenly they came alive.

This reminded me of dead mankind (as in Adam all die) coming alive in Christ (so in Christ shall all be made alive) through Jesus' instruction in Mark ch. 1 v. 17 to 'Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men', and how  the 'dead fish' come 'alive in Christ' once we are born again of God's Spirit.  I also was reminded of how we have access to the gifts of the Spirit including access to healing and miracles.  Was the Lord pointing this out regarding the bottle of oil and the fact that I had seen it in a place with the name 'Emmaus'?
It was on the road to Emmaus that two of the apostles met Jesus, but they did not recognise Him.  It was only when He broke bread and gave it to them that their eyes were opened and they did recognise Him.  The bread represents the word of God and we are able to recognise Him through that word given to us with the Lord's blessing.  The Lord is that word which is the same yesterday, today and forever. and we are not to be carried away by strange and varied teachings. (Hebrews ch. 13 vs. 8,9....).
The next day I shared this and some of my testimony with a man who I believe is an elder in the church, saying that I had prayed for the gifts of healing to operate there and I wondered if the Lord might be indicating that this would happen through my experience, and if it was a time for me to be healed by the anointing of oil and the prayer of faith.  I had previously asked him if they anointed with oil there, to which he had answered 'No', but said that he would discuss it with the pastor.  After the service I went to the charity shop to see if the oil was still there. It was not,  and the staff there said that they did not know of a bottle of oil being on the shelf the day before.  I believe it was supernaturally done by the Lord to reflect the fact that it had not been done in the church.

On Monday 11th January my husband and I were on the way home from a town a few miles away and he mentioned that he would like some roast pork. We called into a store and he dropped me off outside the entrance and said he would wait in the car park.  I went in to find that there was none available.  When I came out I looked for him in the car par but could not find him.  I searched and searched but could not see our car.  Suddenly my mobile phone was ringing in my bag.  When I got it out I noticed that the name that came up was Merlyn, my husband.  I said 'Hello, hello', but there was no response.  Then I remembered that I also had my husband's mobile in my bag.  It appeared to be completely supernatural.  I heard a car beeping and it was my husband parked a way off.

Suddenly, I could see a spiritual meaning to it all, relating to what was going on at the time.  The mobile that belonged to my husband being in my handbag and calling me on my mobile, yet with no response, reminded me of a situation where the Lord (the bride's husband) is calling His people to obedience through the instruction in His word, but that word is being made void because the church is not acting on that word.  In the book of James we are told that if anyone is sick, they are to call for the elders of the church and they will anoint them with oil and the prayer of faith will make them well.

That night there was a drama on the television called 'Judge John Deed.'  One of the stories in it was a court case between the medical profession and a couple concerning a young child.  For two years since the child was born, he had been kept in hospital because he had problems, his heart kept stopping.  The medical profession (doctors) had restarted his heart several times but the child was in a coma and they wanted to stop resuscitating him.  However, his parents said that they were Christians and believed that God would heal their son.  It was eventually granted by the judge that the parents had the right to see if their son would be healed through their faith.  Shortly after, the child came out of the coma and was healed.  The doctors said it could only be a miracle, as nothing as far as science was concerned could account for his healing.  The father of the child, who had prayed, was a dark skinned man and I can not help thinking that maybe the pastor in the church that I attend, who is himself dark skinned, is supposed to anoint me with oil and pray for me.

When the drama on the television started I knew what was going to happen and told my husband that a miracle was going to happen.

In church I had seen upon the wall in the tea room a plaque with the words 'expect a miracle' written on it, and over the door one with the word 'believe' written on it.

My friend in Lancashire  called me a few days ago and I told her where I was going to church and that I believe the pastor had some kind of connection with a group in the past called 'Hot chocolate'.  She told me that one of their songs was 'I believe in miracles.'

When I first spoke to the elder in the upstairs room of the church, telling him about my testimony and the bottle of oil, I looked to the left and saw a book with the words 'You are being used.' on the front cover.  I have to wonder, am I being used by the Lord in this situation?

What I have written here was the first part of what has been happening in my life over the past three months.  God willing, I shall write another part of this testimony.



Sandi said...

Very interesting. I would like to hear how it turns out!

Good to see you back on your blog, Brenda.

Brenda said...

Hi Sandi,
thank you for your welcoming comment. I have been so busy here and I wasn't inspired to put anything else on my blog at this time so I decided to put up my testimony. I have many experiences where the scriptures highlighted to me are accompanied by relevant things happening in my life, and also some dreams - one of which I had last night which I may share in my next post along with more of my testimony, God willing.
God bless you Sandi

Keith said...

It is amazing how God edifies us and uses us to edify others. All we have to do is open our spiritual eyes and ears expect to see and hear God in our lives. It's great that you recognize his leading and are open to be used by God. Sometimes, it doesn't make sense to us, in the present, but God knows what he's doing.

Brenda said...

Hi Keith,
I have learned long ago, and am still learning to take no thought for tomorrow because I definitely do not know what tomorrow brings. Also I know that I must take every thought captive and bring it into obedience to what the Lord has spoken to me, He is not a man that He should lie. Even when I have questioned Him with things like 'when will I be healed Lord?' He has answered me with 'there is a time to heal', and other scriptures that, when spoken to me become more real than a human voice. I know that all things have a purpose, and trials strengthen us, and cause us to trust in God to 'prove' that word true when He gives us the strength to see them through. As I wrote that sentence the scripture 'I love Thee O Lord my strength' came into my mind. The more He uses scripture to strengthen me, the more those scriptures become my own thoughts.
What God speaks can not make sense to the carnal mind because His thoughts are not our thoughts and neither are His ways our ways.

Paul G said...

Hi Brenda,
Is there a father in this world who would let his daughter suffer in sickness for years, when he had the power to do something about?

Brenda said...

I asked the Lord to teach me about sickness and healing all those years ago and through trusting in Him He proved His word true for over twenty years, that word being 'My Grace is sufficient for you'. Although I had lumps forming in my body all those years I can truly say that I did not suffer at all, and have had wonderful experiences serving the Lord, and experiencing His peace in my trials. Then, for the past two years or so He showed me that He was going to heal me and I was immediately put into a Job situation regarding physical pain inflicted upon my joints, restricting me in certain things.

I still trust the Lord for my complete healing, and believe I would not even be alive if I had not trusted in His word through my trial. I have always loved the scripture 'I love Thee O Lord my strength'. and that is the only strength that I can give all the glory true at all times in my trials. When I am weak He is strong.

How can we claim to love the Lord when we do not act upon the Word spoken to us by Him. He said to me long ago 'If you love Me keep my commands.' He strengthened me several times by instructing me to not just be a 'hearer' of His word, but to be a 'doer' of it, and how can that word be proven true if I turn to man for deliverance when the Lord has said specifically to trust in Him?

A small poem is coming into my mind Paul, I think I have shared it in my blog at some time. It says how I feel regarding this:-

'There is a peace within my soul, no riches could have bought it
I found it not in wealth or fame, in wretchedness I sought it
This peace that passes understanding - peace that I can call my own
can not be found in all the world, it's found in Jesus Christ alone.'

Paul G said...

Yes Brenda, we all know that the Lord Jesus has gifted you in poetry and in many other ways, but remember that the gifts have been given without repentance.
And the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is sufficient for you, but NOT sickness or disease.

Paul did not suffer any sickness, that is, because sickness is the curse from the Lord to unbelievers and the Lord Jesus was crucified on the tree to redeem us from the curse. For it is written, 'cursed is he who hangs on a tree'.

I don't think that the Lord Jesus plays a cat and mouse game with us.
If you come to the Lord Jesus you would be healed from whatever sickness you have.
Nobody ever came to the Lord Jesus Christ and did not get healed. The Scriptures said that all who came to Him were healed.
But if you go to this false god Yahweh or Jehovah or whatever you call him, you certainly will NOT be healed.

Not only that, you are transgressing the first commandment of the Lord and the second and therefore you are guilty of all other commandments.
You have quoted the Lord Jesus, 'If you love Me keep my commands,' therefore I suggest that you turn away from any false gods and come the the Lord Jesus Christ and then you shall be saved from any sicknesses.
Yes, it's that simple and don't make it complicated.

Keith said...

Hey Paul,

Just a reminder, God allowed a thorn to continue, in Paul's side, a sickness. This supported by the scripture. The doctrine, that you are espousing, that says God will cause unbelievers to be sick, is not scriptural, very destructive and is not evident in our daily lives. I am sure that you have had a cold, flu or other sickness, within the last 5 years. Would that mean you had lost your faith in God? Absolutely not. Be aware!!!!!! Remember what the Lord Y'shua, Jesus, says to all, non-believers and believers and you, right now.....

"But I say to you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."

What you are espousing are idle words unto the Lord.

Brenda said...

What Keith has said regarding Paul and the thorn in his side is exactly what I was going to say to you when I read your comment this morning before going to the church gathering that I attend. I did not have time to reply before I went, and have just come over to find this. It is actually the scripture that the Lord showed me when I became a little weak in my trial some years ago. The Lord kept showing me this scripture and emphasizing the part where He said 'My grace is sufficient for you'. Then when I went to a church that Sunday the pastor stopped in the middle of his service and said 'I don't know who this is for, but the Lord says 'My grace is sufficient for you.' I can not describe to you how this increased my faith, and this is just one example of how the Lord has strengthened me all through my trial.

Paul G said...

Keith and Brenda,
Paul did not have a sickness.
Because of Paul's superior knowledge above most Christians, therefore the Lord Jesus has given him a messenger of Satan to keep him humble.
(A messenger of Satan is a demon), you need to read the Scriptures carefully.

Yes brother Keith, it is the Lord Jesus Christ who smites all the unbelievers with sickness, disease and calamities right in front of your eyes.
It amazes me that you can't see it.

Perhaps go to the Hospitals and talk to the people there, or read some of the blogs of other brothers and sisters how they have been suffering for years with mental illnesses, cancers and the complete curse written in the Scriptures.
Sickness is not a blessing, it's a curse my friend!

Please read what the Lord Jesus has said in Deuteronomy 28:1-68, especially the curse from verse 15 on.
Verse 58, 'If you are not careful to observe ALL the words of this law which are written in this book, to fear this honoured and awesome NAME, the Lord your God, then the Lord will bring extraordinary plagues on YOU and YOUR DESCENDANTS, even SEVERE and lasting PLAGUES, and miserable, chronic sicknesses etc. etc. until you are destroyed.'
Well, do you want me to continue?

It is the Lord Jesus who makes you mute or deaf, or seeing or blind? Is it not I, the Lord? (Exo. 4:11). It is the Lord who wounds or heals (Deut.32:39). Brings prosperity or disaster (Isa. 45:7).
Surely as the Lord Jesus has planned it, so it will be (Isa.14:24).
Job said, God does ALL things (Job 12 :13), further more Job said the same as I say, If it is NOT the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, then WHO is it ?? (Job 9:22-24).
It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God, therefore you ought to listen.

Paul G said...

Ups, I nearly forget, my words are NOT idle, they are the words of the Lord Jesus, (1 Pet.4:11) we are to speak the very words of God.

Brenda said...

If you read my comment I have said that the scripture that the Lord was emphasizing to me was 'My grace is sufficient for you', and that it was confirmed to me through a pastor who knew nothing of what the Lord had spoken to me during that week. He was amazed himself and wanted to know more of my testimony.
That scripture was the rhema word used to strengthen me in my weakness.

Keith said...

Paul, It appears that you took offense to what I said. I would hope that you would look introspectively and see your errors of your beliefs. I still hope and pray that you allow God to open your heart to the truth.

As for Paul's thorn, it can only be sickness or sin. You are correct when you said that Paul had a superior knowledge of the Scriptures. Therefore, he would know that sin had no hold on him, thereby making the thorn, a sickness. Also, Paul asked God to heal him of the thorn. If it was sin, it would make Jesus out to be a liar and a fraud. I know you would not say that. Once again making the thorn a sickness. You cannot go around changing scripture meaning to fit your belief system. I have told you many times that you must use the whole counsel of God not cherry pick anything you want.

Finally, you did not answer my question. Have you been sick since you accepted the Lord Jesus as your personal savior.?

Paul G said...

Yes Brenda, that all sounds nice.
But that is NOT the Lord God Almighty the creator of heaven that I personally know.
It sounds to me more like a cat and mouse game of a false god.

I know and understand that the Lord Jesus Christ causes all sickness.
All sickness and disease and calamities has been given to all transgressors of God's decree.
Since we all (including me) are perpetual transgressors of God's decree, therefore we all are condemned and suffer the consequences of our transgression, which is sickness, disease and calamities.

That whole cycle of sin and death will STOP for anyone who comes to the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and believes in Him alone!
Now, that is NOT supposed to be theoretical but experiential. Mere theory does doesn't profit you much, but an undivided faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will profit you very much just as it does to me.

Paul G said...

No brother Keith, I do not easily take offence, not even from those who vigorously oppose me. Those of the Calvinistic and Arminian persuasion are calling me heretic and all other insults they can think of because I call their trinity doctrine a Satanic doctrine.
Numerous times they don't even post my comments for fear to be exposed for their fallacy.

I think that I have died with Christ on the cross, therefore dead people cannot take offence any more because they are dead.
But I now have risen with my Lord in the newness of life and that new man will conquer all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Keith, it is inevitable that those debates we are having will get a little heated at times and that is OK, even if there is a word or so out of place, it is still OK.
I think that we should be BIG hearted to handle opposition. We both know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities who keep us away from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and receiving ALL of His blessings in this life and in the life to come.
I think it is Satan who is trying to prevent us having this most important debate and he likes to use an offence to silence us.
But we know better, we keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ who has defeated our foe.

Concerning Paul's thorn.
2 Cor. 12:7, Paul said, 'it was given to him a MESSENGER of SATAN to torment him'.
A tormenting messenger is a DEMON and not a sickness.
The doctrines of God must be a benefit for us who believe and not a curse.

It is the Lord Jesus who has suffered on the tree for us and by His stripes (scourging) we are healed (Isa. 53:5).
We are healed NOT theoretically and NOT spiritually, but physically and that is the benefit for us NOW.
If you think that the Lord Jesus gave Paul a sickness, then Jesus was scourged needlessly, and Brenda would have to suffer sickness just like Paul and anyone else.
Certainly NOT!

What is the point for the Lord Jesus to suffer our sicknesses, when we have to suffer ourselves?
What is the point for the Lord Jesus to suffer for OUR SINS, when we have to suffer ourselves ?
Can you see, on the cross was an exchange, the bad of us for the Lord, and the good of the Lord Jesus for US who believe in Him.

All of us can get sick including me, but NOT a chronic sickness leading to an agonising death.
Sickness is given by the Lord to tell us that something is wrong somewhere.
If you have a toothache, perhaps you are having to much sugar.
It you suffer from deep depression or a cancer or any other sickness, perhaps you go to your doctor or to your god Jehovah or Yahweh or Allah etc. etc. perhaps they are all as useless as each other.
But I recommend my God the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who has healed ALL of my sicknesses and afflictions.
Even if I would get sick or suffer any calamity, the Lord Jesus will come QUICKLY to my aid, because He has told me so and I have many supernatural testimonies concerning His power being manifested in me.

Brother, the time for religion is finished and we need to believe in a God who has power to save to the utmost, and that is ONLY possible with the Lord Jesus Christ and no other.

Keith said...


You said,"Those of the Calvinistic and Arminian persuasion are calling me heretic and all other insults they can think of because I call their trinity doctrine a Satanic doctrine.

You see, there is no difference between their Trinitarian Doctrine being Satanic and your polytheistic doctrine, you just have one less God. The only ones here that truly believe in one God, is Brenda, me and others of like mind.

As to Paul's thorn and you misreading of 2 Corinthians 12:7, you really need to understand the Greek, not whatever English mistranslation, you are reading. Paul had a thorn in the flesh, an middle eastern idiom, indicating a bodily sickness. The messenger of Satan was always there taunting him by indicating the his faith lacked. The Demon Messenger was telling Paul, the same thing you are telling Brenda, that he and she are putting their faith in the wrong God.

Out of respect for Brenda, I will not get into the rest your demon's constant misquoting of scripture, Brenda, me and everyone you argue with. However, everyone knows that if someone has a supernaturally invoked sickness, it comes from your demon's father, Satan, not Y'shua. I will gladly discuss scripture and doctrine with Paul, not with his Satanic Messenger. It's quite obvious who is who.

One last thing, you can't pick and choose what ailments to called sickness, in the same way, you can't pick and choose what scripture to support your doctrine. Sickness is Sickness. God's Doctrine is God's Doctrine. Everything else is of Satan.


Paul G said...

Keith, I believe in ONE person to be the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and NO OTHER!
How then can you say that I am a polytheist ?
I am openly condemn polytheism which is the trinity, and I challenge every Christian, Bible teacher or scholar to prove me wrong.

The Word of God is NOT Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew or Swahili, the Word of God is SPIRIT and TRUTH!
And the TRUTH is the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth (John 14:6), whom I represent.
Well, what about the SPIRIT ?
The Scriptures said that the Lord Jesus Christ is the SPIRIT (2 Cor. 3:17).

Yes you can pick and choose any Scriptures you like to suit your doctrines, you are doing it anyway.
But you are supposed to interpret the Scriptures RIGHTLY (2 Tim. 2:15).

In Luke 10:26 the Lord Jesus said, 'HOW does it READ to you Keith', "I and the Father are ONE" ?
Does that read to you that Jesus is NOT the Father ?
Does that read to you that Jesus is ONE in union with another ?
Well, blind Freddy knows that Jesus is the Father. Then why don't you believe ?

The Lord Jesus said, if you believe in HIM, you shall be saved, He doesn't say that if you believe in a god called Ehye Asher Ehye that you will be saved.
No my friend, there is NO OTHER Name given, not even Yahweh.

Saved from WHAT ?
Well, saved from sickness and disease and from every calamity under the sun.
What do you think, does the Lord Jesus delight in seeing you or His children sick and suffer the curse ?

Never Forsaken said...

This is intriguing, Brenda.
I also go to a church that does not anoint with oil.
I was a member there years ago, and realized that although I do not agree with everything they teach (like not having all the gifts of the Spirit available today)..God used me to fill in some of the voids while I was there. Now that I'm older, and God clearly called me to return there, I will not take full membership because of the difference in my beliefs on the subject of gifts of the Spirit (I believe in anointing for healing as well as for other blessings)..I can't wait to see the rest of your posts on this ongoing situation.
Blessings and love~Lisa

Brenda said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes, although they have not operated the gifts of healing and anointing with oil, the church gathering that I attend has a beautiful atmosphere of worship through song. Also there are some lovely welcoming people there, and we are getting to know one another. There are a few more things that have happened that I have not shared yet, and the pastor has said that they will anoint me with oil this Sunday.

I have also seen, and had, anointing of oil where healing has not taken place and I have wondered if it is due to a lack of faith. The gifts, including faith, have to be present, and I believe we can pray for those gifts just as it says in the scriptures.

I believe that the church is being brought back slowly to what it should be, and that much of it has missed out on many blessings because God's word has been made void by man's traditions. All I know is that I have to follow the Lord's instruction in all of this and I know I could not have done this without the strength which comes from His word to me. I know not what tomorrow brings, but I know that the Lord has said that He will heal me, and He knows the time.

It is lovely to hear from you Lisa, and I hope your holiday away has been very relaxing.
Blessings and love to you too Lisa.

S. Knowles said...

It's great to see you back blogging again Brenda. I was supposed to read this from the first time you put it up but each time I came to the page to start reading I ended up being busy doing something else and didn't get back to read it when I wanted to.

I also had a dream recently with a fish and it appeared as if it was dead but then when I think I touched it it started jumping around again.

I'm glad I took a moment to finally read your latest post. Looking forward to reading all the other posts you have to share.

Brenda said...

Hi Sateigdra,
nice to see you. I believe I know why all this is happening in my life, but I want to ask a few questions in the church I have been attending before I am convinced. There is purpose in everything. I had a dream recently, a very vivid one, after which I opened my Bible where a verse stood out very clearly to correspond to the dream. God willing I will write something on these experiences after Sunday.

Keith said...

Hi Brenda, No offense. You were correct and I just eliminated the followers section and inadvertently deleted everybody. Again, no offense. We are definitely on the same page. :-)

Brenda said...

Hi Keith,
I wouldn't take offence at that, I just thought I might have offended you in some way. When I first started a blog I thought 'Oh I don't feel comfortable with the word 'followers', there is only One I follow, as I am sure all my list of readers, and brothers and sisters in the Lord do. I think the word 'visitors' might be more appropriate eh?